Car Hire Kalo Chorio

Astro Kalo Chorio Car Hire is a leading rent a car company in Kalo Chorio specialized in providing holiday car rentals to visitors at Kalo Chorio Crete! Due to our many years of experience, you can be rest assured that we know your needs! We offer economy car hire in Kalo Chorio at the highest quality available. Our large variety of vehicles and our fast, user-friendly reservation system will ensure the easiest car rental booking that you can experienced in Kalo Chorio! If you want the best value for the money, choose Astro for a cheap car rental in Crete Kalo Chorio now!

Special Offers

Car Rental Kalo Chorio

Car Rental Kalo Chorio

Volvo XC90
Luxury Jeeps (L1)
€141 /day

Car Hire Kalo Chorio

Fiat Tipo Sedan Diesel
Family Premium Diesel (E2)
€65 /day

Kalo Chorio Car Rental

Audi A3 Cabrio Automatic
Cabrio Automatic (I1)
€84 /day

Kalo Chorio Car Hire

Suzuki Swift
Medium Family (C)
€37 /day

Car Rentals Kalo Chorio

Fiat 500L
Multi Purpose Vehicles (D2)
€45 /day

Kalo Chorio Car Rentals

Fiat Ducato Diesel Long
Vans 9 Seats Diesel Long (K3)
€88 /day

Kalo Chorio Rental Cars

Suzuki Jimny (Hard Top)
4x4 Jeeps Hard Top (S)
€57 /day

Kalo Chorio Rent a Car

Luxury Jeeps (L1)
€141 /day

Rent a Car Kalo Chorio

Opel Corsa Diesel
Medium Family Diesel (C1)
€41 /day

Rental Cars Kalo Chorio

Opel Vivaro Diesel
Vans 9 Seats Diesel (K2)
€80 /day

Astro Rental Cars Kalo Chorio

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